I highly recommend Fara

We have rented a car from Fara Ehf via Guide to Iceland recommended by the owner of our rented accommodation. Not only that we managed to save money towards the car rental but the service is also trouble free. Straighforward transaction with no hassle despite we did not get the car we originally booked (Hyundai Tucson) but the alternative car was just as good (Jeep Compass). We felt comfortable throughout our travels with the car right from start to finish travelling around the southcoasts and depite the different unpredictable weather conditions. I would not hesitate to rent a car again from this rental company.

Rene Ballesteros

I highly recommend Fara

Very easy booking system and once we got to Iceland, it was all just as easy. Very friendly staff, we got picked up from the airport and dropped off on the way back. The car was brilliant, quite new, we had no problems and the GPS and extra gadgets we got made exploring Icelandic easier. We’ll definitely use Fara again when we come back to Iceland.


I highly recommend Fara

I cannot fault the staff at Fara car rental. They were welcoming, picked us up on time from the airport and communication/info was excellent. The car we originally were hiring was a big Hyundai 4×4 that could hold 7 large bags as there were 5 of us travelling. When we got to the office we were told that car had been in an accident and was being repaired. They showed us another 4×4 but it only had 4 seats, then another 4×4, but it was too small and eventually they showed us a 4×4 that had just been returned and was in the process of being cleaned. The car was ready and they explained the car had returned with an electrical fault and the 2 front windows would not wind down. This was not a problem as it was -7 and we did not intend winding the windows down in winter. We put all our cases in the big boot and drove off around the whole Island. The car did not miss a beat and handled the very icy and snowy roads perfectly and it was very roomy and comfy. We drove on Route 1 all the way around and only filled the tank up 4 times, so even though it was a 3ltr V6 it wasn’t thirsty on the diesel. On our last night in Reykjavik the alternator fan belt snapped and the car was undrivable and we rang Fara car rentals up at 9:30pm. They answered the phone and told us their mechanic would be at our accommodation at 7:30am the next morning and if he was unable to fix the car they would arrange a taxi to take us to the airport. The next morning the mechanic was there on time and said the car would be collected and not to worry as he would get us a taxi to the airport. 30 min later the taxi arrived and took us to the airport. There was no problem with the taxi fare as Far Car Rental were paying for it and we caught our flight in plenty of time. I’ve wrote this long review with the faults the car had and encountered because I wanted to show you the service we received from the rental company. We knew about the front windows not working but we didn’t intend opening them anyway and as for the alternator belt snapping on our last night, that could have happened in any car. The main thing is they did not let us down. Thank you to the staff and I will hire from them again.

Ian Keeling

I highly recommend Fara

Great price for the right size and type of car that we needed for our family of 7 persons. The pick up service was so nice from the airport to the office of FARA and also very kind for the staff to give us a ride back to the hotel after returning the car. Car was clean and in good order. Would definitely go through Guide to Iceland to use FARA again.

Jin Seung Hee

I highly recommend Fara

Staffs was very kind, i would recommend Fara as they are a great company to rent from. fast efficient and willing to help. Self drive tour is awesome. This trip was very amazing!!! The service was really great and the next time we come here we will rent a car from Fara again for sure.

Park So Yeon

Hyundai IX55

Staffs was very kind, i would recommend Fara as they are a great company to rent from. fast efficient and willing to help. Self drive tour is awesome. This trip was very amazing!!! The service was really great and the next time we come here we will rent a car from Fara again for sure.


Volvo XC90

I had my booking for a volvo xc 90 seven seated with fara through website guide to Iceland.I am so happy to say that my experience was fantastic and a truly professional one.We were a family of seven but on seeing our luggage Mr Geir and Mr Adam immediately changed our vehicle and gave us a nine seater that made our travel so much comfortable and we had a wonderful time.If we ever have an opportunity to visit Iceland again we will definitely book our transport through Fara.Highly recommended


Suzuki Scross

Great experience, highly recommended! We arrived early in the morning and were ready to travel to Vik before they warned us to check for road conditions. Turns out that all of the roads to Vik were closed due to high winds and we had to change plans. Due to the early notice, we were able to get our money back for our previously booked accommodations and stay in Reykjavik for the night instead. If they had not warned us, I’m confident we would have just tried to drive to Vik and ended up stuck in the middle of nowhere. Aside from that, the car was great and the 4×4 handled the ice and snow quite well. They didn’t have the Subaru we originally booked but gave us a brand new 2018 Hyundai, which I’m sure was an upgrade for free.

Liam Hartigan

Hyundai IX35

The shuttle came to pick us up from the airport immediately after receiving our phone call. The driver was cheery and respectful. It took about 10 minutes to get to the rental office from the airport. When getting the car, the details of the agreement were clearly and efficiently communicated in English. I also noticed that Fara has an employee who speaks Mandarin (Chinese 中文), and she may be the only one in the car rental industry in Iceland. We had no problems with the vehicle we selected throughout our trip. The vehicle’s gps maps were not as accurate as Apple or Google mapping apps; we used our phones for navigation. Upon returning the vehicle, the check in assistant noticed a chip in the windshield. We had photos from before we took the vehicle, and our photos suggested – but did not clearly identify – that the chip occurred prior to us taking the vehicle. However, before we were able to show our photos to the check out assistant, she reviewed Fara’s prior photos and found that chip was there before. We really appreciated the fair treatment! The driver of the shuttle back to the airport was very friendly, which ensured that we left Iceland with positive memories of our trip and the intention to return.

Heath Green

Range Rover Evoque

First impressions are so important. The wait at the airport seemed incredibly long, too long. We also had issues on our end, no cell service, to name the big one. It made contacting you guys tedious. The email response was fairly quick. Maybe we were just too beat from a hard couple weeks. When the 15 minute pickup window became 25+….I reached that point of ….*+^>|’f]*

The car, well, it’s a Rover after all, so it was amazing! Brand new when we booked it for F Road travels made that aspect non existent. We tip toed along some for an hour or so just to get a taste. This in NO WAY reflects on the company nor the staff! As I stated in the review, all encounters with staff were exceptional.

Perhaps get rid of the fine tooth comb they use to go over and over and over the vehicles upon return. It implies we were negligent and hiding things, we were not. I understand most of your clients do not respect a nice vehicle as I do, so maybe I am too quick to judge this part.

Overall, I/we were quite happy with the vehicle, and the staff. Not so much the price tag, but I could have shopped around, so not an issue.

The deposit, the fear (exaggerating) the first woman who did the contract put in me about any little dings, tire wear, etc was off-putting to say the least. Remember this comes off of waiting at airport, a brutal day of travel, etc.

Then I see the comment in your email about rewarding those who give good reviews….that is called a bribe. It forces a client to write a positive review when maybe one is not warranted. It is unnecessary. You should look for all feedback, otherwise how will you know when someone messes up?

Anyway, when back in Iceland, if only paved roads to roam, I may consider you guys again. Like I said, my complaints were minor. I love a new car, but when I rent it I do not want to worry about absolutely everything that could go wrong. Tire wear? Seriously?

Thank you very much for your note, it helped me rethink the experience and better gather my thoughts on it.

Staff: excellent

Vehicle: excellent

Price tag: N/A (I agreed to it, not complaining)

Follow through from company: impressive.

Thank you Geir, it is always nice to hear from the execs with things like this. I appreciate it.

I just want to comment again on your staff, we met three and all three were exceptional and quite keen on being able to read people. You should be quite happy to know this, good help is hard to come by. I own a business and would not hesitate to have any of your people working at my company. They are the face of FARA and they represented you guys with a high degree of personal care and professionalism!

I would have no problem at this time, to do a trip advisor review, again, with perspective, the FARA experience was good. Oh yeah, no up-selling! Thank you for that. No pressure sales, the way it should be done.


Michael Manzelli

Michael Manzelli

Jeep Compass

We spent a lot of time looking around before we booked our rental. We chose Fara based on good reviews, the need for a 4×4 vehicle, and their price point was the best.

And after two weeks around Iceland in our Jeep Compass, we were very pleased! The Jeep was very new and came with Apple CarPlay which was a huge asset on our road trip. They gave us a black, limited edition trim line, which was a big plus. We had the coolest car on the road.

The staff was very friendly and gave us a ride to and from the airport promptly.

We highly recommend the unlimited WiFi. It was a very reasonable price and we used it every day for navigation. Plus it was really handy to have portable WiFi with us as we traveled around the country. I think it was the best add on by far!

We would rent/hire a car from them again. No questions asked. 5 stars.

Adam Wennerstrom

Volvo XC90

Auto rental at times can become the source of significant streaa during travels. Lucky for us, Fara representative was quick to pick us up from the airport and explained all little points and made this a rather casual experince. same was true for drop off. One point to note that even if you think you will only stay on major roads, go for 4×4 option. there are many little places that are “just” off regular roads that can be missed for lack of proper transport.
Thanks for everything. we will be using Fara Cars again when we return for winter trip 🙂

Mehul Joshi

Hyundai IX35

Was very impressed by Fara. We were met within minutes of arriving after calling their number and the gentleman was very helpful. He told us a lot of useful information and was happy to answer all our questions.
Fara was the cheapest I found for an SUV rental and the car was in a good condition and easy to drive. We opted for the gravel protection and although I’m not aware of any chips it put my mind at rest because we were hit by a lot of stones – even on the ring road.
We weren’t stung for any damage and their practices seemed fair. Would definitely use Fara again!

Gregory Smith

Volvo XC90

Great and friendly experience at the office! We had a very friendly person give us the car and explain lots of things about Iceland and the rules of driving. He took pictures of the car with us so that we could assess the damage. When returning the car, we were running late to catch our flight. The lady was incredibly helpful in speeding along the process and getting us to the airport on time.
There was a total of 7 of us travelling on the trip and the car was perfect for us. Only one minor complaint was that we couldn’t get the Bluetooth to work to play music. Otherwise it was a great experience!

Grace Arabian

Jeep Compass

Last 2 weeks we have rent a Jeep Compass from Fara.
When we arrived on the airport they pick us up and bring us to there company (10 min. drive) and we got the Jeep. The people who help us were very kindly and helpfull and had some good advices how to drive in Iceland. We had with the Jeep a very comfertable car and we had a good trip without any trouble. If you will rent a car om Iceland I can recomman you to do this by Northbound / Fara. You can rent a car for a good price and they pick you up on the airport and bring you back after your holiday.
Thanks Northbound/Fara


Mistubishi Outlander

We rented a Fara 4×4 for a recent trip on the Iceland Ring Road. From start to finish everything was great. Runar greeted us at the airport and drove us to the rental car center which was only a short distance away. The car we were given was a Mitsubishi Outlander, which served us well during our stay.
Great staff and service. Would highly recommend, and will definitely book with Fara again on our next trip to Iceland.


Hyundai IX55

We rented a Fara 4×4 for a recent trip on the Iceland Ring Road. From start to finish everything was great. Runar greeted us at the airport and drove us to the rental car center which was only a short distance away. The car we were given was a Mitsubishi Outlander, which served us well during our stay.
Great staff and service. Would highly recommend, and will definitely book with Fara again on our next trip to Iceland.


Hyundai IX35

I have to share the exceptional support I received from Adam from Fara. We started our journey to Iceland with a major setback as our fight operator had gone into liquidation. Which meant we had to rearrange everything including flghts, hotel and car hire. Adam was very prompt in responding to my mails and helping me out at every step, even though if was all over the weekend. It really meant a lot in that time of confusion and being supported. Would happily recommend Fara to all my friends and family visiting Iceland. Truly exceptional customer service.


Mercedes Vito

Friendly and professional service. The car we rent was in good shape and capable to handle all the tasks we gave. The company also offers free shuttle service from/to the airport. Although we did not know, something worth to mention is that this company provides Chinese service as well. Documents are all in English / Chinese, and people work there speak fluent English(we actually met one lady who works there speak native level Chinese when we returned the car).


Suzuki Scross

The Fara Team was overall extremely helpful with our car arrangements. We had top switch models, but the team handled it very well, and what I appreciated most were the emails in advance of our trip, with advice on driving in Iceland, which made us feel very comfortable in traveling through the country. My only suggestion for improvement would be the responsiveness in meeting passengers at the arrivals hall, as we had to call twice about being picked up. Other than that, was very happy and will recommend to others. ( and having Thor the puppy, greet us at the office helped as well!


Hyundai IX35

Everything ok with Fara touring vehicles,our car good condition and full safety for İceland roads.Thank you “Fara”.

17. March 2020

Hyundai IX35

All went well with the rental vehicle. The car rental company were friendly and helpful and we experienced no problems

March 2020

Mitsubishi Outlander

Very nice people and easy to deal with. No massive red tape when renting through them. Very laid back approach.

11. March 2020

Hyundai IX35

I was really pleased with both the car and service provided, very efficient and the staff (Faro) were so friendly and helpful. Car worked a treat in the heavy snowfall and was very comfortable.

February 2020

Volkswagen Caddy Maxi Life

Very comfortable and ideal for 7 people with carry on luggage.

03. March 2020

Suzuki Scross

The customer service experience from FARA was very good. They are very helpful and informative.

Ye Ping
11. February 2020

Volvo XC90

FARA Touring came quickly after we called from the Airport and the hand over of the car was also quick and the car was in the expected condition. Returning of the car went just as quick as the pick up. The GSM WIFI has used 2 GB but we had not used it at all and they cancelled it immediately without any discussion. I will also rent here next time.

Jesper Flemmer
11. February 2020

Hyundai IX35

EVERYTHING went very smoothly. They took us from the airport on time and finally brought us back there. The process of renting a car was easy and hassle free.


Jeep Compass

SUBARU FORESTER 4X4 AUTO FREE GPS/4G WIFI BOX 2019 – it was a good vehicle but no instruction manual on how to use the car that would have been helpful, also no snow brush inside the car to clear off the snow and ice. Otherwise the car was great and no issues

14. Jan 2020

Hyundai IX35

We hired a vehicle with Fara 10/01/2020 – 12/01/2020. The whole experience was by far the best I have ever seen. The gentleman involved in the airport shuttle, handover and booking process was friendly and a really nice guy. Fara are a reputable provider of hire vehicles in Iceland and I would not hesitate in using them again! Thank you so much for your service!

14. Jan 2020

Jeep Compass

Brilliant car and brilliant experience. All staff were really helpful and extremely prompt in picking us up on arrival at the airport. Would definitely recommend and will be using again when we hopefully go back to Iceland again,

Matt Ryder
31. March 2020

Mercedes Vito

Everything perfect!!!
Best wishes from Greece!!

Chrysostomos Makisoglou
26. March 2020

Subaru Forester

Rented from Guide To Iceland, Fara Rental Company. Super simple pick up from the airport and shuttle to the office. Quick paperwork and out the door in just a few minutes with the vehicle. Drop off was just as simple, and a free shuttle back to the airport. Would recommend. And would rent from Fara again.

Matthew Astor
21. March 2020

Mercedes Vito


Winnie Man
19. March 2020

Subaru Forester

When we arrived we did not receive the vehicle we ordered. We were given a Subaru as an upgrade (not sure if it eally was ) but served its purpose. We arrived earlier than anticipated and the rental service was very welcoming and accommodating at getting is picked up and getting our vehicle ready earlier. Customer was friendly and inormative. The only draw back is that it should be made known in advance about the deposit fee. It was a HUGE shock a nd in another situation could have ruined a vacation if the renter was not in a financial position to accept. However ,we had a great and safe week, no issues and after ALL my research , this was ABSOLUTELY the BEST DEAL!!!!!

Kareen Williams
18. March 2020

Jeep Compass

The people at FARA were very nice and helpful. They began our trip with helpful advice, maps, and welcoming conversation. Car drop off was similarly smooth.

Scott R Harper
15. March 2020

Range Rover Evoque


Charlene Hu
18 February 2020

VW Caddy Maxi Life

La experiencia ha sido muy buena con “FARA”. Al llegar al aeropuerto llamamos a la compañía y rápidamente nos enviaron a un chico con una furgoneta para recogernos y llevarnos a 10 minutos, donde tienen la oficina. Nos atendió un chico que nos explicó detalladamente el funcionamiento del servicio y nos explicó cómo movernos por Islandia en invierno. Antes de presentarnos al coche me retuvieron de mi tarjeta de crédito un depósito con el valor de la fianza del seguro. Alquilamos un Hyundai Veracruz, pero nos cambiaron el vehiculo por una Volkswagen Caddy Maxi (necesitábamos 7 plazas) y el cambio fue a mejor, ya que el coche estaba recién estrenado y tenía muchos extras (asientos calefactables, gps, …). A pesar de ser casi nuevo, el coche tenía alguna rallada, pero le hicimos fotos antes de salir para poder justificarlo en caso necesario y finalmente no tuvimos ningún problema. El coche se entrega full tank y se devuelve igual. Cuando lo devolvimos se lo miraron al detalle, pero no nos pusieron ningún inconveniente en nada, la verdad es que tratamos el coche con extremo cuidado. Igualmente, contratamos el seguro todo riesgo, por si a caso, ya que hay mucha gravilla, piedras, nieve y hielo, y nunca se sabe… Una vez la entrega realizada me devolvieron la fianza en la tarjeta de crédito y al día siguiente ya la tenía otra vez en la cuenta, todo fantásticamente rápido y fácil. Finalmente nos llevaron al aeropuerto con la furgoneta para que pudiéramos coger el vuelo de vuelta a casa. ¡¡¡Recordad tener dinero de crédito suficiente en la tarjeta para que no os quedéis sin margen disponible durante las vacaciones, ya que las fianzas de deposito mínimo son de 1.200€ aproximadamente!!!

Sergi Castaño Torra
6. February 2020

Hyundai IX35

We had a wonderful experience with Fara Car Rental. Christoff picked us up from the airport within 15 minutes of being notified and took us to the rental location which was around 5 minutes away. There, he made sure to explain the terms of the car rental and helped us choose the correct insurance option. He was very patient and informative and even helped us plan our itinerary. That’s what you call excellent service!

Danyal Wani
21 January 2020

Volvo XC90

Nach anfänglichen Problemen mit dem ersten Auto bekamen wir am nächsten tag ein Neues und dieses war einfach nur perfekt.
Die Mitarbeiter von Fara waren immer erreichbar, hilfsbereit und super nett.
Unser Auto hat uns zu einem unvergesslichen Auto verholfen.
Vielen Dank nochmal für alles.

Marion Ullrich

Subaru Forester



Hyundai Tucson IX35

공항과의 커넥션도 좋았고, 차량도 쉽게 빌릴수 있었습니다. 즐거운 여행에 대한 정보도 제공해주었고, 와이파이기계를 제공해주어 아주 편리했습니다. 다시 방문할 의사가 있습니다.

Jeonghoon Lee

Hyundai Tucson IX35

We had a great experience with farm touring. We got a nice overview of differents cars and we needed a roofbox on the car. the car of fara touring gave us a perfect car. It was a recent car, very clean inside and a powerful enige. The staff of far touring was very helpful and excellent shuttle service. I would highly recommend fare touring.


Subaru Forester

The vehicle we got was amazing, it had so many features that I kept discovering them up until the last leg of our trip. I was probably more interested in the scenery that I didn’t notice all the car’s features at first. It drove really well and even on bumped, pot-laden gravel roads. a 4×4 is definitely a plus!


Hyundai Tucson IX35

Fara is a young, enthusiastic and energetic team that provided a good user experience for our Iceland itinerary, and they were picked up in person whether we arrived in or left Iceland; the cars they provided were great, although the weather in Iceland was unpredictable , But the car provided us with a good safety guarantee. next time we will come to Iceland in summer and definately we will continually choose Fara.


Jeep Compass

My general experience was awesome, they pick you up at the airport. then you go to the office and you get the car, easy and fast, the staff was always so kind and they answered all our questions. The car was excellent. I highly recomend northbound if you are planning to visit the amazing land of ice and fire.


Hyundai Tucson IX35

We hired a vehicle with Fara 10/01/2020 – 12/01/2020. The whole experience was by far the best I have ever seen. The gentleman involved in the airport shuttle, handover and booking process was friendly and a really nice guy.

Fara are a reputable provider of hire vehicles in Iceland and I would not hesitate in using them again!

Thank you so much for your service!